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More Horoscopes for Taurus

Saturn ends its retrograde at AM, creating a heavy atmosphere concerning responsibility—an area of your life has been restructured, and it's time to grow up. The moon in Taurus connects with Saturn at AM, encouraging a practical approach to things, until the moon connects with Neptune at PM, inspiring a dreamier, more imaginative energy.

It's a powerful evening for transformation. The planet of responsibilities, Saturn, ends its retrograde today, and you're feeling a heaviness, even in the areas of your life that are usually playful. The moon in fellow earth sign Taurus encourages you to branch out, travel, and learn something new. An important shift in your home and family life arrives as Saturn ends its retrograde. It's a powerful time to set boundaries, especially as the moon in Taurus encourages you to go deep into your emotions. The planet of time and commitment, Saturn, ends its retrograde today, bringing a shift to the conversations you've been having.

The moon in Taurus brings a strong focus to your relationships—what do you need to express? Taskmaster Saturn ends its retrograde today, bringing a shift to your finances, and you're eager to get reorganized as the moon moves through Taurus. Material abundance is on your mind today: How will you get what you want?

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Your ruling planet Saturn ends its retrograde today, finding you ready to get to work and move forward with plans. The moon is in fellow earth sign Taurus, inspiring you to tap into your senses. The atmosphere is heavy today, but find a way to unwind, too.

Your ruling planet Saturn ends its retrograde today, finding you feeling exhausted. Let yourself get extra rest—there's been a lot of psychic restructuring taking place in your mind. Get cozy and comfortable at home with the moon in Taurus! Saturn ends its retrograde today, creating a heavy atmosphere in your social life.

You've outgrown some friend groups, but you're also eager to get to work for a cause you're passionate about. Story from Horoscopes.

Taurus 2019: It's Getting Hot In Here Taurus 🔥❤🔥 October November December 2019

Are you ready for some seriously significant changes, Taurus? On March 7, Uranus, the planet of innovation, enters your sign for the next seven years! He is here to help you embrace your sense of creativity and inner rebel. You may feel as though your brain is rebooting, as Uranus amplifies your voice and brings your ambitions to the surface.

When it comes to your home life, pay attention to the lunar eclipse on January 20 or 21 depending on where you live in the world.

Taurus Horoscope – Astrology King

Surprises may arise. Thankfully, Venus and Jupiter will calm your nerves soon after with some financial help. If you need to borrow some cash, do your research before you take it while these two planets inhabit your eighth house. Your ninth house of growth, adventure, and intellect will be blessed with travel opportunities!

Areas of Expansion in 12222 for Taurus:

Make time to broaden your horizons this year. Career Uranus' move into your sign heralds a renewed sense of comfort in your own skin and confidence in your wildest ideas. But, before he comes a-calling March 7, a new moon on February 4 will help you take giant strikes toward some of your loftiest goals. Saturn, the planet of rules and regulations, is camped out in disciplinarian Capricorn, helping you ground your grandiose ideas in sensible work habits.

12222 Taurus Horoscope Preview

On December 15, the ringed planet will form a lucky trine with Jupiter, allowing you to reap the rewards of all your hard work this year! Consider investing your savings while Jupiter is in Sagittarius. You might feel conflicted as you explore new or hidden facets of yourself, but this is a wave that you've gotta ride. Saturn, the planet of responsibilities, is making his way through the sky in tandem with Pluto, your personal planet of love. Are you caring for yourself as much as you're caring for your partner?

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