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I wish I had known how to express this to the wonderdul women I wanted to build a deep loving reltionship with in the past. I see myself as a constantly evolving human being and if you really think about it nature is designed this way too. Geminis are truely natures child.

But, I can also see how this can be interpreted as fickle or unreliable. I do hve my moon in leo and I think thas also important to consider. I know some super faithful geminis and I know alot of cheating leo males.

I think this is where the moon and venus comes in. How you where rised nd who influences you the most matters too. But I do love my big sexy cats… I can spot you guys a mile away with your extra long stares and high sense of fashion. Let me share my two cents.


I have learned this as this is my second go with a Gemini Man. This is no good for the Gemini Man as he craves, needs, and loves his independence. With this particular Gemini man, he never verbalized to me that he needed this and with every gemini man, he disappeared.

Sex With A Gemini

Came back as nothing was wrong and I couldnt move forward. I felt that he hurt me, in a time I needed him and his affection the most. I ended that relationship and to this day, 9 years later, still think occasionally about him. The reason my friends that we love our gemini companion is that they are so mysterious, but in fact, this is the reason why we are frustrated and scared of them too.

Think of Gemini as Dr. Jekyll and Mr.

Gemini Sibling Compatibility: Chatty and Social

Jekyll is the resonable side of the Gemini man that we love. He is smart, quick tongue, witty, charming— essentially everything that a Leo woman desires in her mate. Hyde is ravenous, endless, wanting, needing, and turbulate. In fact, in reality the Hyde is actually the feminine side of Gemini in which it is his secret box that he hides away and that secret box thrashes about wanting to be heard and seen but never does as the Gemini fights to contain it and does a rather good job. Perhaps everyone once in a while, like in my experiences with a Gemini man, they will let that feminine voice out but only for a second as it will rescind back into the box.

Even if you have to pretend that you are out and about enjoying the world when in fact you are home watching tv, let him think you are out. The more a Gemini man feels that you are just as detached as he is, the more he will likely be back to give you affection after a brief hiatus. He might even tell you that he loves you. Be cautious by his affections. As a Leo woman, we want to believe in everything, especially when it pertains to matters of the heart.

Guard your heart because remember the Gemini man can just up and make a fast decision and leave you desolate, high, and dry, so never give the Gemini man all of you as they do not want all of you, ever. Learn to enjoy his flighty personality and share in his desires for fun, travel, and art. These are strong links between the two signs along with a fantastic sex life.

But at the end the best idea I have seem to come up with my Gemini men are to give them space and independence. What do you all think?

What the distance between your signs reveals about your compatibility:

This is what I do and I find helpful for when he decides to disappear. I was involved with Germini 3 times and every time there were the same issues! Germini is the worse match for Leo. Never ever again!!!

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It is beautiful for first year or maybe two but after this it is a very painful disaster! I would like to find a nice Leo man now. From what I read it is the best match for Leo woman! I agree with this report! I loved my gemini counterpart and we were so compatible but he was too busy trying to be independent and too scared to settle down. This is so true. My ex and I are exactly like this. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility: The Communicator and the Adventurer

How would you rate this relationship:. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Set each other free occasionally and the relationship reaps benefits. Gemini is typically sharp tongued and Cancer moody — if they niggle each other too much the crab retreats from a rain of tactlessness barbs. For this reason a decent age gap often provides a better chance of longevity.

Cancer is nurturing and maintains long term friendships whereas Gemini collects and discards acquaintances. The crab is deeply conservative and the twins progressive. They must compromise and be willing to alternate a family get together with adhoc activities. There will be lots of misunderstandings at the beginning. Gemini reacts to nagging by disappearing of the radar and emerging when the coast is clear.

In a way these acts of denial just make them more attracted to each other. Sexual compatibility is probably a long term project for these signs with Gemini developing the patience to gently direct their partner into more adventurous lovemaking, and Cancer trusting enough to let go a little. Nevertheless, his or her splendid strength and determined staying power is a poor match for the flashing agility of a pair of Twins, who can cleverly twist and turn their way out of any earthly threat — the Twins, of course, being two different people disguised as one, who call themselves Gemini.

Pity the poor Taureans who are faced with these two fast-moving, twinkle- toed people, with razor-sharp minds, skipping around and confusing them, all the time giving them the illusion that they are facing but a single toreador. It almost makes one wish for the Bull to score, with a sudden, furious thrust of his horns.

Sometimes, that happens. I have a Taurus neighbor, whose daughter, also a Taurus, fell in love with a Gemini charmer. Are you ashamed of him? Does this guy have two heads or something? One afternoon, he ran into his daughter and her Gemini boyfriend on the street, so the three of them the four of them?

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  5. To his delight, the Bull discovered his future son-in-law was bright, handsome, courteous and versatile. Oh, was he versatile! He spoke six languages, piloted his own plane, had degrees from two universities and played the saxophone. Over the cheese souffle, the Gemini brilliantly discussed his career he was a public relations counsel , his political views, and his religious beliefs. At last, the Gemini remarked he had to dash off to see his stockbroker, smilingly waved goodbye and disappeared.

    He forgot to pick up the check, but that was an obvious oversight. After all, the man had a lot on his mind, between his clients, his Wall Street investments — and being in love. He had two wives and five children he had neglected to mention. His academic degrees consisted of a high school equivalency diploma. The plane was a single-engine model aircraft he flew in the park on Sundays.

    A sense of jazz indeed. How did the Taurean father react to this gross betrayal of faith, involving his adored Taurus daughter, and his own judgment of character? With the blind fury and violent rage of a Bull who has been red-flagged once too often. However, two years later, Gemini returned, felt a sentimental urge to visit the scene of the romantic crime, and paid a call on his old Taurus girl friend.

    At first she stubbornly refused his apologies, but within a half-hour she had forgiven him the Gemini charm , and melted into his arms.

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    In another fluke of fate, at that precise moment, the father Bull walked through the door. I mean he actually did nearly walk through the door. I will spare you the gruesome details.