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  1. Essence of Nadi - R.G. Rao.pdf
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  4. Prediction Secrets Naadi Astrology (Revised and Enlarged)
  5. Prediction Secrets Naadi Astrology (Revised and Enlarged)

Thanks a lot for sharing this link. Providing these Gems to the Astro lovers on this site is very very great work.. Also please try to upload R. Rao's All Kannada Books I have r.

Rao books except samudrika sudharsuda if any wants share knowledge call me Sir,please scan the book,Transit of Planet on Thy birth chart and send to my email:bhatchinmay10 ymail. Dear sir pls anyone can send the RGRao books scanned copies of available books to this email. Appreciate the help.


I am actually trying to help my Guru who is not very strong in English. I want to help translate this into local language. He has the hard copy. Dear ajaykumar, do u hv the copy of brihat nadi by r. Ajay Ji, I have been eagerly searching for " transit of planets on thy birth chart - r g rao". If you have it ,can you please share it with me mohit.

I will really appreciate that. I really appreciate that. Sir, do you have the scanned copy of 'transit of planets on thy birth chart' by R G Rao? If you have then please send me. Raman as patron the West since the midth century.

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Essence of Nadi - R.G. Rao.pdf

Despite the — remains a small organization despite the pres- modernization process begun with publications ence of a large South Asian immigrant commu- such as he Astrological Self-Instructor, the idea nity and a strong tradition of astrology in Great of hereditary oral tradition still exerts a powerful Britain. A partial explanation may be found in fascination in the world of Hindu astrology. Aiyar, N. Madras, Santhanam, R. I—II, New Delhi, Braha, J. Sastri, V. Bressensdorf, O. London, Svoboda, Light on Life, London, Wulf, W. Hindu System, Los Angeles, Martin Gansten Frawley, D.

Meena Row, R. Rao, B. Related Papers. By Martin Gansten. By Kim Farnell. Astrology and Astronomy.

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The Concepts of Modern Astrology: a Critique. By Ivan W Kelly. Authoritative Statements in Kerala Temple Astrology. By Gilles Tarabout. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

Every Tuesday Books Updated HERE

Need an account? Click here to sign up. Next visit to that place again was by Sri Murty. Mr Zarar Anasari asked him to provide the notes on this subject.

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  6. On the way he explained many things about this system and said you were his guru in philosophical sense and he learnt the subject while you dictated the notes to him. Latter on couple of days I came to your house. You were very cordial and one the other day you discussed about my horoscope to fix the birth date correctly. Though gave some date of April I did not say anything. Later on I got it from my sister the correct birth details. One of these two three days of meeting during a span of 15 days you showed me from a distance a book kept on the top of shelf and told me that it is Core of Naadi Astrology unpublished and purchased from Sri R.

    Rao at Rs. I did not bother you about taking a copy of it as it would be unfair to take a copy from you though you could not have objected to it. Later on I went to him in 3 sessions. One for 15 days for 3 hours maximum daily. The 2nd session he allowed me to sit with him while he attend the clients. By then I had prepared the notes given by him and by studying many his books. He appreciated that work and then introduced to me in the class and showed that to everybody in the class the work I have done. I told you I would be writing an enlarged version and publish it and told you I will include your name in it.

    I do not know when I promised to publish in your name that which I have not seen at that time. After publishing the book I sent you the copies. You marketed many books and you also appreciated the transit chart of years and you showed me that you have kept it under you table for ready prediction. But After 10 years, you have published a different version about me. I have never claimed that I have invented the Naadi System of Astrology,.

    In a you also did no claim that you invented this system. YOu told be that it is R.

    Rao's system. I appreciate your keen interest shown to me in introducing this methodology. I still give you the same guru stana to you. May god bless him. Jump to. Sections of this page.

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    Accessibility Help. Join or Log Into Facebook. Email or Phone. Forgot account? Sign Up. I do not deny you are the person who introduced me to the R.

    Prediction Secrets Naadi Astrology (Revised and Enlarged)

    You first discussed this subject there with him. I was an observer 4. I was not convinced of it at that time 5. Even when you were discussing with him I did not show any interest. Murty said he would ask your permission and then give a copy to him.

    Prediction Secrets Naadi Astrology (Revised and Enlarged)

    He told me that I should meet you which would help me in learning the subject. He then one day took me to your house. You were very cordial and said that you are a siddha yogi. In fact you discussed many points with regard to Naadi in general not as specific rules.